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Our experience in networking allows us to provide the following
beneficial services:

  • Sharing a printer between two or more computers
  • Using a single Internet connection
  • Sharing files, spreadsheets, and other documents
  • Playing games that allows multiple computers
  • Sending the output of a device to another computer


We repair all brands of desktop computers, laptops, printers,
scanners, and other computer related components.
We install and troubleshoot all operating systems such as:
Windows 95
Windows 98
Windows 2000
Windows ME
Windows XP
Windows NT
and many more.

We install different computer parts: Memory, Modem, Hard drive, CPU, Motherboard, Sound Card, Video Card, Power Supply, Computer Case, Power Supply, Floppy Drive, CD-Drive, DVD Drive, Gaming Hardware, AC Jack etc...
We upgrade your computer to make it work faster with the latest technology.


WI-FI is short for Wireless Fidelity and is a term used when describing any standard of wireless network, including 802.11b, 802.11a, and 802.11g.
Wireless Networking allows you the freedom to connect to the Internet at high speed without wires. Wi-Fi wireless technology works as a cordless phone does, transmitting a wireless signal from a base station to a device.
Use the Wireless adapters to connect a desktop computer and laptop to printers, scanners and PDA, so you can place your PC anywhere in your home and still share Internet access and files inside the network printer.


Research has shown that 90% of companies lose critical data in a disaster every year. We can protect one of the most valuable assets of your business: YOUR DATA.
Our Service Operation Center can continuously backup,protect and restore your data 24x7.
We provide onsite and online recovery services to continuously back up critical server data, archive it in a secure offsite data center and make it immediately available for recovery anytime it is needed.


Data recovery is the process of retrieving deleted or inaccessible data
from failed electronic storage media

Lost data can cost you precious time and money and
can happen for any of the following reasons:
- Hard drive crashes
- Data deletion
- Electro mechanical failure
- Hackers
- Virus attacks

With many years in the data recovery business,
We have experience in hard drive recovery. No matter how the data loss
occurred, We have the ability to recover it for you.


We do in shop repair; we as well take time to come to you if you are unable to visit our location. For more information regarding home or business services click here.

Our onsite services include software trouble-shooting and hardware repair of all kind of computers. We are experts in DSL and Cable Modem setup and can quickly resolve DSL/Cable Modem connectivity and sharing issues. We can professionally set up your peer-to-peer network with file and printer.
We can work at your home or Office when you want.
We also can pick up the computers for repair and return them when ready.



We register, design, host and update websites on our servers.

To view a list of some of the websites we have designed, please follow this link: WEBLIST

In order to improve our services to our clients, we have set up a form with questions to fill out.

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